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How a Consultant Saved My Business

For many years, I didn't think consultants were very useful. However, my opinion changed when my business hit a rocky patch. Sales were falling away and I was missing some key members of staff. My friend recommended that I call in a team of consultants to carry out some work. A recruitment consultant helped me to fill the vacant positions in my company while a sales specialist helped me to assess why my sales volumes were falling. After a few months, things began to improve. I learnt a lot during this time and I retain some consultants on a retainer in case I need their services again.



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How to Benefit from Recruitment Agencies

Are you looking for your first job? Read on and discover some tips that will help you to reap the full benefits that an employment agency can offer you.

Tap Into Their Expertise

Most people working for employment agencies have extensive experience in placing employees in different positions. Take advantage of that experience by asking those agency employees to advise you about how you can improve your resume in order to stand out before potential employers. They can also advise you about what other positions or roles you can register for based on your skills and qualifications. Such advice will widen the pool of jobs or roles that can come your way.

Market Yourself

You can also benefit more from employment agencies if you take charge of marketing yourself. For example, start by writing an elevator pitch about yourself and hand it to the recruitment agency. Follow these steps if you aren't sure how to write an effective elevator pitch. The staff at the employment agency will find it easy to identify which roles or positions best suit you if you include that elevator pitch in the documents that you submit to them. The elevator pitch will also come in handy as you interact with different people during your search for a job.

Follow Up

It is helpful for you to invest some effort into following up with the employment agency after you have enrolled with them. That proactive approach will be good for you because you will be able to get feedback about any issues that were found in the documents that you submitted. For example, you may have made an error when typing your email address. Contacting the recruitment agency during your follow-up activities can alert you to any communication that you may have missed due to the error in the email address that you provided. Being proactive can also portray you in a favourable light because you will be showing the recruitment agency your professionalism and willingness to work. They will therefore be more likely to contact you first when any opening is available.

Enlisting the help of an employment agency in your quest for a job doesn't relieve you of your roles during the job-hunting process. You should avoid sitting back and allowing the recruitment agency to do all the work. Do your part by implementing the suggestions above. Ask those professionals for additional suggestions of what you can do to reduce the time when you are without a job.