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How a Consultant Saved My Business

For many years, I didn't think consultants were very useful. However, my opinion changed when my business hit a rocky patch. Sales were falling away and I was missing some key members of staff. My friend recommended that I call in a team of consultants to carry out some work. A recruitment consultant helped me to fill the vacant positions in my company while a sales specialist helped me to assess why my sales volumes were falling. After a few months, things began to improve. I learnt a lot during this time and I retain some consultants on a retainer in case I need their services again.



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Main Benefits of Having a Prospective Marriage Visa

A prospective marriage visa is given to an individual who is not an Australian resident but is planning to marry an Australian spouse. The basic qualification is being at least 18 years of age and of a sound mind, and the two of you must have met and interacted in person. Your Australian spouse will act as your sponsor when applying. Once the relevant authorities receive and approve your application, you will be given a temporary resident visa of 9 months. You will have to get married to your spouse within this stipulated time, and you can be considered for permanent residency. The prospective marriage visa will give you many benefits, including the following:

It Permits You to Study in Australia.

If you are planning to join schools in Australia, a prospective marriage visa will work just fine. The visa will make you eligible to join any school within Australia, although you will not be qualified to receive government funding. Studying in Australia will increase your chances of being given permanent residency.

It Permits You to Live and Work in Australia.

There is nothing as stressful as being in a foreign country illegally and trying to get a job opportunity. A partner visa allows you to live and work in Australia, just like any other citizen. The visa makes you eligible to be given a work permit by the local authorities; without a valid permit, you might not be able to get a job. Travelling in and out of Australia within the given time won't be a problem.

It's a Pathway to Permanent Residency. 

Once you are married to your spouse in Australia within the given time frame, you will be on the right track to obtain permanent residency. Getting approval for an application for permanent residency might take up to five years, but it is worth the wait. A prospective marriage visa is a direct pathway to becoming a legal Australian citizen.

It Permits You to Enrol in a Government Health Plan.

A prospective marriage visa holder is qualified to apply for the Australian government's health plans and other overheads. Without Medicare, living in Australia can be a bad experience. The visa will allow you to enrol in the Medicare schemes, just like other citizens. Australian state–governed healthcare plans offer comprehensive covers that serve you when you have a partner visa.

A prospective marriage visa helps you to eventually become a permanent Australian citizen. It also comes with a wide range of benefits such as being able to enrol in school and government-run healthcare programs. The visa also makes you eligible to study and work in Australia.